LED Uplighting

Wireless LED Uplighting in Pink
LED Uplighting in Pink at the award winning Ashfield House.

We are excited to offer our latest LED Uplighting and Wedding Uplighting throughout Lancashire and the North West which can totally transform any room.

They can be set to any colour, to suit your colour scheme including white, yellow, gold, green, pink, purple, blue, red, turquoise and all the colours inbetween.

Our LED Uplighters / mood lights are some of the best lights on the market. They can produce any static colour to make your room look amazing.

Totally transform your room and bring it to life with these fantastic LED uplights.

IMG_2186Key features of this lighting:

  • Sleek Fixtures
  • Standalone operation, no maintennance required
  • Easy, fast installation.
  • Any colour that you require
  • Fully Health & Safety / PAT compliant
  • Low cost / high impact


The below prices are the addon prices when booked with any photo booth, magic mirror or led dancefloor.

[sama_column cssclass=”col-md-4″]
[sama_pricing_table title=”Uplight 10″ hoticon=”no” style=”active” price=”£100″ currency=”” subtitle=”Upto 10 Wireless Uplights” features=”” btntitle=”Enquire Now” btnurl=”/booking-enquiries?package=uplight_10″ target=”_self” cssclass=””]
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[sama_column cssclass=”col-md-4″]
[sama_pricing_table title=”Uplight 20″ hoticon=”no” style=”active” price=”£200″ currency=”” subtitle=”Upto 20 Wireless Uplights” features=”” btntitle=”Enquire Now” btnurl=”/booking-enquiries?package=uplight_20″ target=”_self” cssclass=””]

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(* Don’t know how many you’ll need? Just enquire and let us know the venue and rooms that you would like covering and we’ll let you know).