Magic Mirror Help

Below are guides and videos to help setup and run the Magic Mirror.

Important always remove the media and ink ribbons and empty the cut tray / compartment after each event before packing away.

Setup Video



Mitsubishi Print Media Loading Help (note that we use 6 inch media therefore spacers are not required)

Always make sure the printer is powered up before loading media. The leads should remain plugged in the back of the printer and power switch on. If you have printer connection problems just pull the printer out of the flight case and check these leads are connected ok, there should be a power lead and a USB lead connected.

If there are lines down the print don’t be alarmed there should be some alcohol wet wipes in the electronics box and you need to clean the thermal head (delicately) just close the Booth or Mirror for 10 minutes and follow this video – Be sure to power of the printer and let it cool. It can take a couple of attempts to get clean but if you use a torch you can usually see the marks on the print head that need cleaning.

If you have any paper jams just remove both the ink and paper roll and cut off any crinkled paper using the scissors in the electronic box then reload as you would when you put the media in.

If the ink ribbon rips try this video below however if problems persist just use new ink ribbon. (Always change both the ink and paper roll when using new media).